Top Ten Species List Says More About The People Of Cute And Creepy Creatures

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When I told the family that the first ten new species had been reported, a teenager asked, "Really?"

Although we are not on the list are our fingerprints everywhere. Homo sapiens is still the superior species. We are the ones who named the species, and therefore will determine which species are "new".

That in itself is a strange idea, since most of these species has existed for millions of years, but in a world of taxonomy, they are not official until we give them a scientific name.

If the birth of a species occurs at the time of speciation, a description of the species is his baptism.

This means there has been a scientific publication that describes the characteristics of the case and connect it to a binomial of America, which puts him in a class and offers a unique name.

The names of the ten species are clearly part of its charm. Bioluminescent fungi was nicknamed Mr. luxaeterna, resulting in evocative as "eternal light".

A species is T. Rex, the dinosaur the scientific name recalls. But the generic name Tyrannobdella tells us that in this case, the tyrant is a leech.

Leech tyrant king actually has teeth, and is observed in the nose and the little girl in Peru. Since this is clearly a menu, this species is worthy of fear and awe.

Species that have made the top ten captured our imagination in one of two ways: either they interacted with our own species and they surprised us in one way or another.

The leech was found feeding on one of us. The duiker (an antelope from West Africa) were discovered in a market in bushmeat, which means that some of us have eaten.

Another species that was found eating the Titanic. Bacteria consume the iron oxide H. titanicae lived in the famous ship in the deep ocean, rust slowly consuming.

This links this modest form of life contrary to our own stories, and points to an unusual lifestyle.

One may wonder what are the natural sources of iron oxide present in the depths of the ocean, or whether this species has evolved in response to the activities of the ill-fated expedition of our own species.

Kind of sound like something imaginary jumping cockroaches and crickets pollinators. Jump cockroaches in South Africa also known as the Leaproach.

In some cases, the species has made the list for a long time. The number one species are described in the 150 anniversary of the publication of Darwin's Origin of Species, and was given a name that reminds us that realization.

C. Darwin is a great spider web area of ​​Madagascar. Spectacular in itself, may have only the top ten by name.

This is an anthropomorphic propaganda, which repeats the idea that the list of species, is celebrating the joy of our species, our reasons.

A species made the list because of bad timing. The Pancake Batfish was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico just before the oil slick contaminated horizon deep habitat. We met with this species, just in time to see it to dry out.

Batfish is adorable ugly creature that looks like something you pull out a bad day.

Its generic name, rather Halieutichthys sounds like an appropriate form of nausea. This makes it no less appealing, but more.

More fish is expected to bat has a bright future despite its interaction with human stupidity, and for this reason, it deserves to be in the top ten.

The top ten species is a celebration of diversity. It emphasizes the important role of taxonomists and naturalists whose work is greatly underestimated.

But exercise is also deeply anthropomorphic.

Only one species gets to decide which species are in the top 10, and the species is in us.

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