"Jurassic Park" Is One Of The Most Frightening Scenes Ever

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Jurassic Park" combines two of America's favorite things: Dinosaurs and theme parks. Now the trilogy of films by Steven Spielberg comes to Blu-ray October 25. Here is a summary of some of the highlights of the 1993 film, which remains the best of the three.

At first glance, the dinosaurs

Imagine your entire life to studying something and think that you will not see in person. This situation paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Ellie Sattler paleobotanist (Laura Dern), who were brought as soon as the opening of a dinosaur theme park, a billionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough). When you first see the dinosaurs in the flesh, and understand that their career is not just a word on paper dust ("They travel in packs ... they move in herds!"), And the majestic music that locks , this film is not known to be a great start. (Watch the scene here.)

History: They do not do cop shows like "Barney Miller" more

Nedry get to eat

Hello, Newman. Wayne Knight Dennis Nedry nerdy is one of the villains, as you can not wait to see get his comeuppance. It threatens the lives of everyone on the island by playing with the power of the park so he can try to get the embryos stolen continent. It dinosaurs insults even when he faces them ("Hey, no wonder you're extinct"), and before that, man, we're rooting for a good chompdown. The film offers.

The children hide in the kitchen

Tim and Lex, the two sons of the film, are sometimes annoying - the less said Lex save the day with the knowledge of Unix, the better - but certainly necessary. And when taken by a couple of raptors in the kitchen of the park, you can not afford to put in place and try to plot an escape route. Mirror cabinets make things even more sinister. Forget Jason and Freddy is one of the most terrifying scenes in cinema history. (Watch the scene here.)

"Clever girl '

"Jurassic Park" may have cost in dinosaurs only death, but actually full of great lines, including "When Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down the pirates do not eat the tourists." One of the best ranger comes when Robert Muldoon, played brilliantly by British actor Bob Peck, met his end. It focused on a bird of prey in front of him, he realizes too late that the other is sneaking up on him from the side. His last word is a compliment to the winner. "Smart girl," he said, and then one of the most and least known of the film has disappeared. (Watch the scene here.)

Lawyer in the toilet

Oh, yes, it goes for the easy laugh. Audiences hate lawyers, and for someone to die on a toilet being eaten by a dinosaur gives us a little sweet revenge. But it's always a big stage. T. POP lawyer Rex vulnerable in his mouth that we could get a raspberry bush.

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