Giant, Super-intelligent, "Kraken" Eating Dinosaurs

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A funeral was unusual Triassic scientists postulate the existence of a huge octopus-like creature mythological Kraken.

Mount Holyoke College paleontologist Mark McMenamin formulated the theory after exploring a site in Nevada contains the remains of nine ichthyosaurs, giant creatures who once ruled the ocean food chain. But something struck McMenain bizarre: the bones icthyosaur lies in a model that seemed to imply that they had deliberately organized.

"It 'became very clear that something very strange was going on there," McMenamin said the press release. "It 'was a very strange composition of the bones."

This McMenamin was wondering if a higher, intelligent predator can be neatly arranged bones. A modern octopus is known to mix the bones around the determination, which McMenamin is to think that icthyosaurs was chased by a huge, intelligent invertebrates such as Kraken and Lore.

"I think these things were captured by the Kraken and taken to the manure and squid would take them apart," said McMenamin.

Proposed Kraken would be wise never spineless. McMenamin said that there is a precedent for similar creature Kraken attacks the icthyosaur comparison is dangerous and that the staff of the Seattle Aquarium recently discovered sharks dying octopus, who have shared their tank.

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