Raptor Was Recently Discovered "Switchblade" Anti-grip

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A new dinosaur fossil suggests that there is not a raptor dinosaur spirit just use their claws to the show, but can be wielded as weapons hooked claws.

The newly excavated dinosaur feathers named Talos Sampson is a relative of the Velociraptor iconic, made famous in the book and movie "Jurassic Park". Raptor Dinosaurs were all unusually large, sickle-shaped claws on the second toe on each foot that has kept the earth as switch points folded.

The dinosaurs 75 million years, was named "Talos" for its resemblance to a giant bronze winged Greek mythology who could work at lightning speed and succumbed to an ankle injury. "Sampson" is in honor of the search for commissioner in the Natural History Museum of Utah and a collaborator of the "Train Dinosaur" PBS series, Scott Sampson.

The sample was found in 1.9 million acres of high-Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in southern Utah, an area considered one of the last pristine dinosaur graveyards in the United States. At least 15 species of dinosaurs have been discovered in the region over the past decade, including the horned dinosaurs and Kosmoceratops Utahceratops, duck-billed dinosaurs Gyrposaurus monumentensis, the Turkey-like Hagryphus giganteus, and two new tyrannosaur and a collection of armored dinosaurs called Ankylosaurs.

Michael Knell, a doctoral student at Montana State University, met with the rest of Talos, while exploring the field of fossil turtles, as part of his doctoral research.

"I was surprised when I heard that I had found a new dinosaur," said Knell Live Science. "It 'a very rare discovery, and I feel very fortunate to be part of the exciting research happening right here in the monument."

Weapons dinosaur?

Thirty years ago, the fossil of a Velociraptor locked in mortal combat with the prey in Mongolia. Dubbed the "fighting dinosaurs", the finding suggests that these gases have wielded as weapons.

Thirty years later, Talos sheds light on how these dinosaurs lived with their weapons.

The new fossil shows the damage in the feet and the researchers think they know why.

"The Raptor is a special model of a dinosaur, because it shows proof of the foot toe broken foot, which is an enlargement of the house, we have interpreted as an injury sustained during combat operations with the other members of the species, or prey hunting, "Fang Lindsay, author of the study, told Discovery News.

Fang is an assistant professor of anatomy at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, and a research associate at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

The characters are the trauma is like gold for researchers as a damaged specimen has a story to tell.

Evidence of damage to disseminate new information about how the body is used. For example, since the Talos evidence of trauma to the second finger of the left leg (which would be extended to the hook-like claws), scientists can reveal new information on the potential activity of the toes and nails.

"Generally, we think that the fossils of the most pristine, we find perhaps the most important gain, but in reality is sometimes the Up Beat, damaged specimens, injuries that can give clues about the biology of an extinct animal, otherwise not, "said Zanno LiveScience.

"People have speculated that the heel raptor dinosaur was used to capture prey, fighting with other members of the same species, or to defend against attacks," said Zann. "Our interpretation supports the idea that these animals regularly that toe in danger."

Footprints for the Raptors almost in proportion to the Talos suggests that they all loved the house flick started to walk.

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