Types of rabbits: Dwarf Hotot

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Dwarf Hotot, as the name implies, is compact and small, a docile, stocky little bunny. The rabbit's head is round, with a rather broad skull. Rabbit's neck should not be seen. Eyes are round, bright and bold. Ears are short, of good substance, and very well furred.

They should balance with the body and head. The body should be of uniform width from hips to shoulders, with well rounded hindquarters. There should be very slight gradual curve on the topline from the base of the ear to the highest spot over the hips.

It should fall in a curve to the base of the rabbit's tail. Ideal weight is 2 1/2 lbs, and maximum weight is 3 lbs., . Rabbit's fur should be dense, soft, fine with good luster. When stroked, the fur must be rolled back gently back into position. Color must be uniform and, except for eye bands, of pure white over the whole body. Rabbit's eyes are dark brown. Eyebands are must be narrow, well defined and of black color, forming an outline of the eye. It's color must be as dark and intense as possible. Eyeband width must be 2 pennies thick.

This breed was almost simultaneously created by two different German breeders in the 1970s.The breed first entered the United States in the early 1980s. These dwarf rabbits are affectionate and sweet. They tend to be of curious and playful personalities, and most of them are eager for your attention.They are very loving and make great children's pets.


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