big animals and strange creatures

Monday, September 13, 2010

This an video about big animals and strange cretures. ive got the pictures from google. and i forbid spammers and haters to comment this video. everyone else is welcome.

I know this is not the first video about ''strange creatures'' and the song name is i guess you'r right' witch picture is fake witch is real?? its your decice. and yes every one sure wonders: why dont he use the mermaid picture?? whicth program did he use?? 1#i dont like the mermaid picture 2# i used movie maker from windows vista. and you sure also wonders: how much does he actually write?? and what about those tags?? i want the tags because porn lovers use to search for that stuff. enjoy the film!!

Im going to write my longest description i ever made. and i dont know if its sciense or entertainment. and i dont know the artist name of the song. the video was maby a bit short, because i couldnt find more pictures. and watch zholians new ''ufo photage'' i know i spelled wrong, but he spelled it like that. or watch webbmaster009's new jelly rap. if you are sencetiv to monsters and stuff so dont watch. if you rememberd i sed it chould came out legos fighting for their lives part 2. well everybody hates it. or ufo pictures. nobody liked either. or my friday the 13 series. sure everybody wonders why has zholians ufo strike that much viewers. the secret is that ufo strike are next below to: OMG!! REAL UFO NO HOAX.Thats why but no one likes it.

This is not an screamer i sware to god!!!

I hate scremers now i switched my tags against good ones. this is a good video. im trying to write my friends longest description. and go to hell who ever gave me that one star voting/rating can go to hell!! i dont like spammers or haters so keep out of this video ok. and capnjordan445 if you are reading this dont stop!! i dont like you you dont like me so leave me alone. you ore me dont wanna get trouble. i will write more. and that what i say about ufo pictures, i have stopped with the series. im saying the secret. first after part 1 comes part 2. then comes part 3. then when no one was expecting an fourth part supposed to came out - it did! the fourth part is named ufo pictures deluxe version. then after that it supposed to came out ufo pictures baby version. its regular ufo pictures but when the aliens come up instead of regular aliens. its baby alien pictures. but now you heard the secret. and what it standed: lego riot series will come out. but it didnt. dont know why. i have canseled in lots of series.

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