Dinosaur Fossil Contributed To Creation Museum In Kentucky

Monday, October 21, 2013

As reported on Friday by Park City Daily News from a compress discharge by the Kentucky Creation Museum, the bible-based museum has been the beneficiary of a large dinosaur skeleton, which is said to offer even more proof that supports the biblical account of a universal flood. The dinosaur skeleton, donated by the Elizabeth Streb Peroutka Foundation of Maryland, is said to be the remains of a 10 feet tall, 30 feet long, Allosaurus, which is in tremendous order.
The dinosaur skeleton's fresh-looking state, as noted by geologist, Andrew Snelling, "is proof of an enormously hasty funeral which is corroboration of the global calamity of a flood a few thousand years ago".
Evolutionists have long claimed that dinosaurs vanished millions of years ago. Yet, while evolutionists offer a mass of "theories" as to how or why dinosaurs became vanished, to this day, they still have no idea what truly caused their abrupt and calamitous end.
Ken Ham, founder and president of the Creation Museum, added: ";While evolutionists use dinosaurs more than everything to endorse their worldview, particularly to young students, our museum uses dinosaurs to help tell the account of history according to the Bible. This extraordinary allosaur is a great addition to our dinosaur exhibits. It's been a enjoyment to work with the Peroutka Foundation, which wants to use this great fossil in a God-honoring way."
But, as the Park City Daily News reported, not each person was thrilled about the liberal gift. Dan Phelps, who is president of the Kentucky Paleontological Society, attacked the scientific reliability of the Creation Museum by claiming that the Creation Museum hasn't done "any scientific research".
Phelps was quoted as saying: "The Creation Museum has asserted the specimen to be evidence of Noah's flood without any actual research."
Unfortunately for Mr. Phelps, Dr. Andrew Snelling, in this following video, "Origins: The Worldwide Flood - Geologic Evidences", offers a very evidence-based, scientific explanation supporting the biblical account of the flood. In addition to this video, is this much longer, much more detailed video "Noah's Flood Washing Away Millions of Years", refuting Dan Phelp's accusations?
Seemingly disgruntled over the Creation Museum's new gift, Dan Phelps took another shot: "Of course, since the Creation Museum doesn't do scientific research, all it really has done is obtaining a nice display trophy." As the Creation Museum explains, however, referring to Dr. Snelling's observation of the skeletal remains:
"As a geologist, Dr. Snelling added that unlike the way most of the Morrison Formation bones had been found scattered and mixed, the intact skeleton of this allosaur is testimony to extremely rapid burial, which is a confirmation of the global catastrophe of a Flood a few thousand years ago."

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