Dinosaur skeleton established near Lisbon

Friday, September 6, 2013

Portuguese paleontologists Octavia Mateusz said on Tuesday the most complete skeleton of a 150 million-year-old dinosaur in the world had been discovered in the south of Lourinha, about 70 kilometers north of Lisbon.
"It is certainly the most complete dinosaur we have in Portugal and one of the most complete from the Upper Jurassic in the whole world and this means we can study how dinosaurs evolved and how, in this case, they turned into birds", Mateusz, a researcher at Lourinha museum and Universidad Nova de Lisboa told Lussa News Agency.
The discovery still has to be confirmed in the laboratory and there are expectations it may be a new species, but the paleontologists believes it is a coelurosaur, a group of relatively small carnivorous dinosaurs less than two meters long from 150 million years ago, which are rare in Portugal.
In this year's summer campaign Mateusz came across "a dinosaur with an almost complete skeleton from the shoulders to the hips, with well-preserved ribs and all the articulated bones and even with the area of the knee and a paw".
"It is uncommon in the Upper Jurassic in Lourinha, because normally we discover one or two isolated bones and when we discover more material, it is disarticulated", Mateusz explained, adding that anywhere in the world, the coelurosaurs are rare "we knew their teeth and a few isolated bones".
"So this is the first articulated coelurosaur", he said.
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