Dinosaur Fetus Vestige Originated In Peruvian Landscape

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Late last week a creation team found a tiny fossil while functioning. They were doing schedule work in the small town of Corire located in Arequipa. The breakthrough has been established by specialists to be the fossil of a dinosaur fetus. The small find events no more than 10 cm. across.
Archaeologist Lucero Angulo studied the variety and unwavering that it was certainly a dinosaur because of its carnivorous teeth. Experts say that the area neighboring the fossil is particularly contributing to such finds since of its fine sandstone and hope to make other analogous discoveries in the society.
Angulo and other archaeologists have asked to remove the fossil and place it under the control of the Ministry of Culture to be able to better study the specimen. The mayor of Corire, Manuel Alpaca, implores that the fossil not be removed from the area for further investigation.
"We want the scientists to come here to investigate the existence of dinosaurs," he stated to El Comercio."We don't want them to take it because of what happened to Juanita the mummy when she was never returned to Cabanaconde." The mayor also hopes that this discovery will lead to an increase in tourism to Corire. He has spoken of plans to build a museum on the site in order to properly display the fossil and attract more international attention.
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