Zoomars Petting Zoo Apatosaurus angers neighbors

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Zoomars Petting Zoo Apatosaurus angers neighbors

Apatosaurus was a huge, long-necked quadrupedal pet with a lengthy, whip-like end. Its forelimbs were a little bit reduced than its hindlimbs.A 13-foot-tall sculpture of a massive Apatosaurus was included to the play place area at the Zoomars petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano, California.The petting zoo’s proprietor compensated $12,000 for the sculpture in the wish that it would get children enthusiastic about history.

Apatosaurus Statue
The dinosaurs allows children comprehend “history 200 million years ago, and how awesome is that?” said proprietor Carolyn Franks. But some citizens of the ancient city are not excited about seeing an tremendous long-necked Apatosaurus from their front side lawns.
Apatosaurus Statue Model
Individuals viewing the petting zoo are not sure why there is an disagreement about the dino. “The children really like it. I do not see why anyone would have a issue with it,” said one mom. Town authorities say that the sculpture was introduced in without necessary authorization but that they have not made the decision what to do about it.


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