Dinosaurs Video Games 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What's it about?
As a young paleontologist in DIGGING FOR DINOSAURS, you'll have to earn the skill points you need in order to go on digs and find fossils with which you can fill your currently empty musuem. Points are earned by playing visual trivia games, navigating mazes, or taking on the part of dinosaur and either defending you nest or hunting for food. Each time you hit 100 points, you go on a dig and locate some fossils. Then, each time you have enough fossils to complete a full skeleton, you engage in a dino-building puzzle and start filling your museum.

What families can talk about

  1. Families can talk about the food chain and the circle of life. At one point in the game, you'll be trying to stop carnivores from eating your unhatched babies, but in another part, you'll be eating smaller animals yourself. How can both of these actions be okay? What truths about nature does this game reveal?a
  2. Also, what is it about dinosaurs that children find so fascinating? Is it their size? Their scariness? The fact that they're no longer around? Families can discuss these eternally mysterious creatures and their appeal to kids.
Is it any good?
For dinosaur-obsessed kids, Digging for Dinosaurs promises a load of fun and tons of prehistoric knowledge. Unlike the general knowledge passed on in many Leapster games, this one is very specific in its scope, and kids who aren't thrilled by all things Jurassic probably won't find much to get excited by here. The highlights come in the digging and building sections, which take a lot of work to get to, so children with a lack of patience might also want to steer clear.
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