Top 10 Most Awesome Movies With Dinosaurs

Friday, June 22, 2012

10. Land of the Lost

“Land of the Lost” is the story of Dr. Rick Marshall scientist who defies the scientific community who do not take it seriously when he says that he found a way to travel back in time. But his device works and get back in time. Once in this parallel universe, Marshall has no weapons and neither he nor his assistant Molly and Will have not knowledge about the life in nature, knowledge that could afford to survive in this hostile environment populated by dinosaurs.
09. Godzilla

Called to investigate the seriousness of this situation, a scientist man (Matthew Broderick) concludes that it is a huge reptile irradiated product of explosions that took place in the deep Pacific. All U.S. military and police are mobilizing and joining forces to fight in the depths of prehistory dinosaur.
08. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

I do not think there is a person who has not seen or even heard of Ice Age. I am personally a hardcore fan of this movie. I just love and I recommend to all, regardless of age. In Ice Age 3, Sid is trying to adopt three dinosaur eggs and their mother is kidnapped by a real underground lost world full of dinosaur. Then his friend will try to save him.
07. The Lost World

This movie is the story of Professor Challenger who embarks on an expedition in the Amazon jungle to show that some dinosaurs survived. The professor manages to find these animals long believed extinct, but a highly evolved species of monkeys who think him a god. Upon returning to civilization he decides not to disclose these findings.
06. Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone

The little and cute dinosaur from the huge success miniseries, now playing in a new animated movie, on the island where humans and dinosaurs living together. KEX, an orphan of 12 years, runs a lifeboat, hoping to see the world, but it is wrecked and the waves bring him to the land of Dinotopia, and befriended with 26. Does not take long time and the two friends begin to have problems, because the evil Ogthar is released from the prison and grab the Rubin, whose dark power is likely to endanger all of Dinotopia.
05. Jurassic Park III

They want to see live the island populated by fierce dinosaurs, created by genetics. After their plane crashes, Alan finds that the Kirby husbands actually looking for their son who was lost on the island. Trapped on the island, Grant and his comrades discover some painful truths: some prehistoric animals have advanced skills to communicate with each other, and ferocious T Rex is a real competitor.
04. The Land Before Time

A movie about friendship, which existed in the earliest times. The story of a baby dinosaur called Littlefoot, whom her parents die in an earthquake. Orphan quest in the looking for legendary valley where there is plenty of food and where vegetarians can live peaceful, at shelter from tyrannosaurus rex. Along the way, Littlefoot befriends with four other dinosaurs of different species, and together learn to overcome obstacles and survive in a hostile world.
03. Dinosaur

The action takes place with 65 million years ago, the late of Cretaceous period and thus “Dinosaur” introduces the filmmakers in a country of photorealistic prehistoric wonders, following the dramatic action narrative, a journey of Iguanadon called Aladar. Apart from its own species and being raised in a paradise island by a clan of lemurs, Aladar’s life is completely changed when a devastating meteor rain forces him to join a group of dinosaur desperate migrants seeking a safe ground.
02. When Dinosaurs Roamed America

This movie is a spectacular and dynamic representation of life dinosaurs. The story takes you back in time to prehistoric North America to show the powerful and mysterious beasts that dominates all other creatures. From feathered dromeaosaurs to T-Rex, you will be overwhelmed by the power and beauty of these creatures long extinct.
01. Journey to the Center of the Earth

Together with his nephew Sean and their guide Hannah, Trevor goes on a thrilling expedition in Iceland in an attempt to give his brother, using the book annotated by him as a real map. During the trip, the three young people find a cave that leads them to tens of miles beneath the crust surface, until the hidden bowels of the Earth, where they are about to make a major scientific discovery, namely that there are new worlds , so far unexplored and unseen by any human eye.
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