Science casts a fresh eye on dinosaur history

Friday, June 1, 2012

Much of what we thought we knew about dinosaurs is altering as fresh science creates new pictures of these antique creatures and how they lived.

New discoveries of smaller dinosaurs from China have exposed many were enclosed in feathers. Paleontologists now consider many dinosaurs were warm-blooded and some even lived in areas that saw snow.

"What you used to think about dinosaurs, maybe you should imagine about them in a different way," says Richard Hebda, paleontologist with the Royal B.C. Museum, where the travelling show Dinosaurs, antique Fossils, New Discoveries opens Thursday.

"It tries to offer a look at how these organisms lived and behaved and there is a bit on what type of world they lived in."

The show, assembled by the famous American Museum of Natural History in New York City, runs until Sept. 16 in Victoria.

Scientists now consider dinosaurs were much more active than the ponderous, giant lizards once imagined. Instead of spending most of their time in water to support their giant size, they likely ran, jumped and even migrated over dry land.

Long-necked dinosaurs were before pictured living and feeding from treetops with their necks extensive straight upwards, like giraffes.

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