Friday, March 23, 2012

The Nigersaurus (pronounced Ni-Ger-Saur-Us) meaning "Niger Lizard" lived in the Niger Republic where many fossils of this particular dinosaur have been found. It was relatively small measuring 15 meters long and was a member the Sauropoda family. Believed to have lived during the early cretaceous period (about 119-99 million years ago) this dinosaur was a herbivore and always had to watch its back for the viscous Sarcosuchus and other carnivores. The Nigersaurus had a shorter neck than other Sauropoda like the Barosaurus which may be because it was always scoping out the situation making sure it was safe to eat the plants in that particular area.

Discovered in the later part of 20th century by Philippe Taquet, little was known about this Sauropoda until 2005 when Paul Sereno and Jeffery Willson managed to figure out the skull type of this smaller dinosaur. Apparently it had over 600 teeth and a shovel shaped head which helped them figure out how this dinosaur eat and lived, since this was one of the highest tooth counts ever seen on a Sauropoda it could probably scarf down a small tree in a matter of minutes. This dinosaur is not believed to have lived in North America.

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