Dinosaurs fossils found Narmada river in india

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Indian scientists say that they have discovered a new dinosaur species in India after finding bones in the western part. The new dinosaur species was named “Rajasaurus narmadensis” or “Regal reptile from the Narmada". The dinosaurs were said to be 25-30 feet long, and had a horn above their skulls. They were thought to heavy and walked on two legs.

The National Geographic Society, funded a reconstruction of the dinosaur's skull, its model being presented to Punjab University and the Geological Survey of India in August, 2003.

Scientists said they hoped the discovery would throw light on the extinction of the dinosaurs and the shifting of the continents.

The dinosaur bones had been discovered over a period of 18 years by two Indian Scientists, Suresh Srivastava of the Geological Survey of India and Ashok Sahni, a paleontologist at Punjab University.

“The sediments in which these dinosaurs were found were closely associated with one of the biggest volcanic activities recorded in the last 500 million years on planet Earth,” says Sahni.

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