More on 150 million-year-old old past uncovered in Chongqing

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recently, a comprehensive old bones was discovered and will soon be uncovered in the suburb of Qijiang Nation in Chongqing. Archaeologists generally recognized it as a Sauropod, old and it would be the first such traditional uncovered in this place.

dinosaur fossils

Chongqing is known as "a town designed on dinosaur's supports," and fossils' of dinosaurs are discovered in most of the 40 parts of Chongqing City, which has an place of 82,000 rectangle miles.

Qijiang is one of the parts in Chongqing where dinosaurs' monitors and past were discovered. In 2003, experts discovered the most significant set of old foot prints team from the center Cretaceous interval in China's free airline place in a diamond give at Qijiang.

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