600 thousand year old place past found in China

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paleontologists in The far east have uncovered a large number of items of place past since about 600 thousand decades, authorities said.

A spokesperson with the administration of Xiuning nation in Anhui region said the past were from the Sinian period (825 thousand to 570 thousand decades ago), Xinhua revealed.
dinosaur fossils

The vegetation resided in the heated short sea that used to cover Xiuning an incredible number of decades ago, said Yuan Xunlai, a paleontologist with the Nanjing Initiate of Geology and Paleontology, which was in cost of the excavation.

According to the spokesperson, the nation will develop a nationwide geopark to secure the past and offer vacationers a opportunity to learn about the vegetation that resided an incredible number of decades before dinosaurs.

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