Past of dicynodont found on every place

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

dinosaur fossils

Dinosaurs Fossils found on a Tasmanian seaside have verified the everyday living in Modern australia of the dicynodont – an odd-looking types that resided 30 thousand decades before the old – demonstrating it persisted on all areas.

The dinosaurs fossils were found by a several jogging on a seaside on the Tasman Peninsula.

The plant-eating creatures, about the dimension a cow, resided about 250 thousand decades ago and became vanished about 20 thousand decades ago.

Complete types of the dicynodont have been found in Indian and Southern African-american. The development of the two brain parts found in Tasmania has empowered experts to affirm that the being resided in Modern australia. The only other proof was a traditional found in Qld in 1983.

A paleontologist, Dr Tim Rozefelds, from the Qld Art gallery, said the "strange-looking monster " may have live through more time in Modern australia than on other areas.

"Australia is an region place and maybe some elements like the monotremes, like the platypus and the echidna, live through here while elsewhere on the planet they became extinct"

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