Palentologist Job openings: internships, summer field work and even a few "real" jobs

Friday, December 30, 2011

For all those students and recent graduates who are going to be looking for work this summer, now is the time to start paying attention (there are even a few "real" jobs showing up). Jobs and internships have started to be advertised and are often popping up until around February/March, so keep your eyes peeled. Check the SVP jobs page for updates as well.

Here are a few that are currently open:

2012 GeoCorp Positions (applications due by February 1, 2012) -

Badlands National Park (Interior, SD): Field Paleontologist
Badlands National Park (Interior, SD): Quarry Paleontologist
Dinosaur National Monument (Jensen, UT): Field Paleontologist (2 Positions)
Dinosaur National Monument (Jensen, UT): Information Technology / Paleontologist
Great Basin National Park (Baker, NV): Field Paleontologist (2 Positions)
Bryce Canyon National Park (Bryce Canyon, UT): Field Paleontologist / Geomorphologist / Geologist
Wind Cave National Park (Hot Springs, SD): Field Paleontologist / Preparator / Curator
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (Kimberly, OR): Geologist / Paleontologist
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (Kimberly, OR): Geologist / Paleontologist [Guest Scientist] *
Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim, AZ): Paleontologist
Denali National Park and Preserve (AK): Paleontologist / GIS Technician (2 positions)
Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (Florissant, CO): Paleontology / Museum Intern (2 Positions)
Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (Florissant, CO): Paleontology Intern [Diversity Internship] **
Guadalupe Mountains National Park (Salt Flat, TX): Paleontology Technician
Fossil Butte National Monument (Kemmerer, WY): Public Education Geology / Paleontology (2 Positions)
Fossil Butte National Monument (Kemmerer, WY): Paleontology Museum Technician [Diversity Internship] **
White Sands National Monument (Alamogordo, NM): Field Paleontologist [Diversity Internship] **

Petrified Forest National Park
Petrified Forest National Park in northeastern Arizona currently has a position open for a GS-7 Physical Science Technician. This is a full-time seasonal position that will start in May of 2012 and continuing through August of 2012 (dates are flexible for students). This position will be the lead for a field based program working in exposures of the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, including intensive prospecting as well as excavation of vertebrate fossils from existing quarries. As the lead this person will oversee all aspects of field work including daily supervision of student interns. This position will work closely with the Park Paleontologist to successfully carryout and document this work. Interested applicants should have experience in the collection of vertebrate fossils, especially successful construction and removal of field jackets as well as the willingness/ability to supervise this type of work. This is a U. S. federal government position open to all U.S. citizens. The incumbent must possess a valid U. S. drivers license. This job also requires the successful completion of a background check as currently required for all U. S. Federal positions.

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( Please review all details especially the section on "How to Apply".
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