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Thursday, December 15, 2011

And so ends Carnegie marginocephalic week with the last of their pachycephalosaur material. For once though, this is something I really haven’t had before. While long ago I did feature a cast of a Pachycepahlosaurus skull (that looks suspsiciously identical to the various mounted skeletons I’ve show) here at least is something a bit different.

dinosaur head fossils

First off, there’s a skull of Stegoceras (above, and the small one below) which even to my inexpert eye is clearly rather different to that of Pachy. Moreover, the ‘shelf’ at the back of the head – the key character that unites the pachycephalosaurs with the ceratopsians, is clearly visible and more dramatic that the usual fine bosses and spines that are generally available.

The second piece is also a Pachycepahlosaurus skull-cap though in rather less good condition, though I’m not sure if the lack of spikes and so on at the back of the head is due to wear / damage, or a lack of development. I suspect the former, since this was rather larger than the cast on display.

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