New Camplognathoides fossils found

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

dinosaur fossils

Bit of a overdue one today! I’m falling.

Anyway, this is the horrible-to-spell Campylognathoides, a basal non-pterodasctyloid pterosaur known from Cheaper Jurassic furniture. This is an especially awesome sample that is on present in the Carnegie (how did you guess) and reveals off elements like the breast bone which is all too unusual for pterosaurs.

One element Campylognathoides does produce to be able to discuss is pterosaur systemtics. Those in the know will know that for about a several years now there have generally been two contending pterosaur phylognies that have essential variations and never seem in order to match in the center (though there have been recommendations that Darwinopterus might just fix this issue).

However, as Lady Uniwn is attached to saying (and quite rightly) for all that individuals focus on the arguments between these phylogenies, there is really quite a lot of essential contract, and the two plants are in a lot of techniques really very congruent. One element that is certainly typical in both is the sister-taxon connection of Campylognathoides with Eudimorphodon and that at least is one element this indicates very much everyone wants on.

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