Toe Dinosaur Found In South Pacific

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Dinosaur dans le Pacifique Sud orteil

The premium sulla terra Evidenza che i Vivona vivevano dinosaur in the South Pacific isole remote รจ l'rivelare quello di di ricercatore Australian base.

Dr Jeffrey Stilwell, a paleontologist at Monash University in Melbourne, says he has discovered the fossilized foot, finger and spinal bones of carnivorous dinosaurs on the Chatham Islands, some 850 km east of New Zealand.

The discovery confirms Chathams were once connected to New Zealand with a finger, like extension, Stilwell says.

"Now that we've found dinosaur remains almost 1000 km to the east in the middle of the South Pacific."

He added the son team a sense of deje discovery of dinosaur fossils as well as In the Chatham than had been instrumental in the New Zealand Courts of last years 25.

While some dinosaur remains were found along the Antarctic Peninsula and South America, discovery is the first of its kind in the Southwest Pacific and is probably unique in the Southern Hemisphere, he said.

Stilwell first fossils were found by chance when he visited the Chatham Islands in 2003.

But he said a trip as a result of these islands in February gave a "large collection" of new fossils, which are being analyzed.

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