Market Jurassic Dinosaurs Prosperous Ribs, Tails $ 20,000

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Global Luxury Index Standard & Poor's does not take into a the growing demand for dinosaurs.

"Investability is a key criterion for index options," said Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC public relations director Dave Guarino. "While luxury retailers in the skin and bones of dinosaurs, they are not generally large companies and liquid, we seek. "

Prandi Hal, one of the two guys from Two Guys Fossils Inc., set aside the evaluation of companies in the S & P. "The market value is equivalent to what a person is willing to pay for a dinosaur," said the merchant 60, Dino, who has been in business since 1985, the sale of the Jurassic Coast for $ 350 each , toes Cretaceous to $ 295 per figure and queue Camarasurus 16 feet long for $ 20,000.

Wall Street recognition will be fast and furious when it can supply the market with genital dinosaur, said Prandi.

"There has never been fossilized penis or the vagina can be found in a dinosaur," he says. "The first person to find someone who will make bundles of money, but who knows what," said Prandi. "This is not working as a used car. We have the Blue Book, while the T-Rex teeth go for $ 1,000 an inch."

Two Guys From its headquarters near Johnny Macaroni restaurant in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, for auction houses along the elegant Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris, French art promoter said Sylvie Lajotte Robaglia-rich are the trendsetters search for dinosaurs trophy. Actually included Hollywood stars Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio in 2007 in a lively bidding war on auctioneers Chaiten MI Beverly Hills, which would go home with a 67-million-year-old T-Rex skull. $ 276,000 bid Cage won the day.

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