"Gorgeous" Old Home Discovered Complete of Babies

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A nest rich in fossilized dinosaur little ones has been seen in Mongolia, and the discover has paleontologists reexamining variations of adult care among the historical animals.

The around 75-million-year-old nest reveals 15 child people of Protoceratops andrewsi—a family member of Triceratops—entombed in historical fine sand dune build up. The nest was lately discovered by Mongolian paleontologist Pagmin Narmandakh in the local Djadokhta development.

The 2.3-foot-wide (0.7-meter-wide) nest is wonderful, according to Mark Fastovsky, a co-author on a document about the dinosaur nest publicized in the Nov release of the Paper of Paleontology.

dinosaur nests

Unlike other dinosaur nests found with traditional egg, the little ones in this nest appear to have been about a season old when they passed away.

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