An Excellent Stegosaurus

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The largest single source for me at the end to reach the Carnegie Museum is that it is also the first time I was a museum in the United States during the period. As such, although there are a number of shots, and even individuals floating around the world, I've seen from time to time, this is the first time I really saw a real material or high-quality casts of many taxa that are very fundamental to how we used to see the dinosaurs.

Stegosaurus is a true classic in this sense, and the only large animals to see. While hardly the work of ornithischians, this was something very special for me.
In the post yesterday I was determined to use the photographs, which showed only the holotype Tyrannosaurus. However, the exhibition is the second adult rex, installed first. There are two challenges in the dead hadrosaur is a wonderfully dramatic and evocative pose. This is great, not only because it is so present - two huge carnivores away, but simply to draw them.

I suspect that the average museum patron is a tendency to think of a skeleton of the species almost, so take a couple, with some (albeit small) differences, shows that there are a number of samples, all the differences stem from the growth natural population. Of course, it also helps them to have a variety of positions, which refers to the range of movement and ability.

All probably lost the most, but kind of thing that can get people to think, or ought to be remembered for a second time, and simply wonderful to see, if nothing else. Ultimately, this is a significant expense to tolerate second important type of mount, which is already present (and this guy!). Awesome stuff.

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