The Bird Dinosaur, Which Acted As A Showgirl In Las Vegas, Waving His Tail Feathers To Attract Partners

Sunday, November 6, 2011

With just a flirt swish of a fan of feathers, Vegas Showgirls Quicken pulse.But every man there seems to be something centuries old.

Scientists believe that the dinosaur species may not work as it is to draw dinosaurs mates.Oviraptor Vegas star was a fan of feathers, like a fan of flamenco dancer, attached to a flexible tail, according to new research.

They may have flashed the feathers to attract attention in a way similar to the modern peacock - or a Vegas showgirl.

People Scott, a graduate student at the University of Alberta, presented the study on vertebrate paleontology annual meeting of the Company.

He found that Oviraptor, who lived about 75 million years ago, had a tail with a particular provision in the vicinity of the bone.

"The tail of an Oviraptor from the tail of most other dinosaurs is really short," he says to the science of life.

"But it is not short in that it lacks many of the vertebrae, it is shorter than the individual vertebrae in the tail itself is a kind of well crushed. So they are tight. "

Dense arrangement of the bones that have been flexible tails, Parsons said.

The bird-like dinosaurs also had tails that were much tougher than those in modern reptiles.

Fossil impressions show that also have a variety of feathers at the tip of its tail, the vertebrae fused together similar to that found in the tails of modern birds.

"If you combine that having a muscular, highly flexible tail, what has it, that could be used to circumvent, at least, so that the wave of the range of tail feathers," Persons said.

And just as in modern birds, dinosaurs may have waved his tail the effect of fellow fans as possible.

People, added: "If you think about things, like peacocks, their tails often use courtship."

Oviraptor lived during the Late Cretaceous.

Their name is Latin and means "egg thief" as the first model was found near a pile of eggs, as if he had stolen.

Subsequent discoveries have revealed they probably dinosaurs, but scientists are still uncertain about his diet would have included eggs.

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