Baby Dinosaurs Took A Lie In The Gobi Desert

Friday, November 18, 2011

The remains of the protoceratops clustered in their nest have been dug up in Mongolia. Scientists said the rare discovery shows these short-snouted, big-eyed dinosaurs remained in the nest after birth.

The bowl-shaped grave, which measures about 70cm in diameter, was uncovered in the Gobi desert. The siblings are believed to have been buried alive by sand.

Lead researcher David Fastovsky said: ‘I cannot think of another dinosaur specimen that preserves 15 juveniles at its nest in this way.

'Large clutches may have been a way of ensuring survival of the animals in that setting -- even if there was extensive parental care.

'Mongolia was, at the time, a place with a variety of theropod dinosaurs, some of whom likely ate babies such as these.'

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