Some Dinosaurs of the Triassic Period

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The name refers to the hollow bones.Coelophysis 220-200000000 lived years ago during the late Triassic. It 'was about 1-3 meters long and weighs about 30 kg.

He had a long slender neck. Coelophysis was a double-hinged jaw so that prey can cut with a sawing action, if necessary. Its jaws were many small, sharp teeth, indicating that it was a carnivore. She even ate Coelophsis others. It was built for speed.

In 1947, hundreds of Coelophysis skeletons were found buried together in New Mexico. Paleontologists believe they likely died in a flash flood.Plateosaurus (say PLAT-ee-oh-SAW-rus)

And '22-215000000 lived some years ago during the Late Triassic. Its name means "lizard dish."

Plateosaurus belonged to a group of dinosaurs known as prosauropods, which was related to the Jurassic and Cretaceous sauropod.

Plateosaurus was a herbivore 9 meters long weighing about 4 tons. It was about 4 feet high. It has become the Triassic Period, and lived until the early Jurassic period.

It 'was the first giant dinosaurs to feed only on plants, and the first to be able to eat the vegetation, the trees grow a long neck. It 'been a long hind legs and long tail. His mouth was like a beak, but had teeth. It walked on all fours, but was probably in the back of the legs and grabbed the branches of the front legs, as the nails are fed leaves. Paleontologists believe they have lived in herds.

The dinosaurs fossils were found in Germany, France and the "winged lizard" refers to the Switzerland.The name. It was not a dinosaur, but a flying reptile that lived in the same time.

It lived about 222 to 215,000,000 years ago in the Triassic period

It was an early pterosaurs or flying reptiles with a wingspan of about 60 cm in diameter. He weighed about 100 grams.

Peteinosaurus was a very light bone structure. It 'was strong, cone-like teeth. It 'caught and ate insects while flying. It 'been a long finger of the hand, and the skin is tight here at the foot of a wing on each side. Wings on the body and thighs. Directed he was about 20 cm long, and has been used to drive when you fly.

Peteinosaurus is one of the first vertebrates to be able to fly rather than finesse. Complete fossils were found in the CENELEC, in the Italian Alps

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