Old Bones Are Hollow Modern Dinosaur National Monument

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some of the oldest objects in the world is a new exhibition space, where the re-opening this week and Hall Quarry Quarry Visitor Center exhibit in Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.

Farm for the past five years, the plant has a spectacular cliff 200 meters long with 1500 embedded dinosaur bones from the Jurassic era. Hall will also reveal new dinosaur-related exhibits, including a mural of more than 50 species represented in the region, as it may be some 149 million years.

About half a mile from the new Visitor Center is open quarry. 1950-The original structure was closed for safety concerns.

Salt Lake City is also welcome two great museums of onset. Opening Saturday, Leonardo, billed as "a modern Ski + Art + Tech Museum, where today the great ideas, questions, discoveries, inventions, and is connected to a whole new way." Interactive mode is working in laboratories and workshops sponsored by the Community.

And in November, make the Natural History Museum of Utah, a new home in Rio Tinto Center. The "green" building, opening Nov. 18, also has outdoor exhibits and performance spaces.

For more information related to dinosaurs, visit rareresource.com.


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