The Dinosaurs Are Rare Exhibit In Paris

Monday, October 31, 2011

Three unique dinosaur fossils and a series of fossils and minerals on display in Paris before going under the hammer at auction. Sotheby present three copies of previously unidentified dinosaur. With all three, the focus is a dinosaur mummy Prosaurolophus maximum established in the U.S. the state of Montana - which measures 11 meters long and predictable in order to obtain a cost of between 1.2 and € 1.5 million. The beast was established early with the mummies of the pieces of skin can still be seen. The information that is 95 percent of all brands of exclusivity a rare piece.

Highlights include the 175 million years old dinosaur Suuwassea Emiliae. A sort of Diplodocus lived in the latter stages of the herbivore zone Jurassic 147 million years ago, and currently estimated at 900 000 and 1 200 000 euros. There are more than two specimens of this kind is known around the world. The last main piece of a 98 per cent throughout the period Tenontosaurus Early Cretaceous, and expect to get between 600 000 and EUR 700 000.

In addition to the skeletons are 85 secret agents of the government and European and American collections will be presented. Fans of dinosaurs, with and without money to provide these resources can have a great respect for the exhibits

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