70 Million Years Back Of The Skull To Mexico

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This is not your ordinary puppet.

This is nearly four feet long, 3 meters tall and weighs about 300 pounds.

And instead of knowing smile, you would see if an athlete is twisting the head, it has a big smile threatening.

Cranium is like a monstrous Tyrannosaurus Rex, who died in Asia 70 million years.

This is the last project carried out for tours of Prehistory, the husband and the wife of James Barry and April that the company operate near Sunbury paleontology.

Barry James soldier a special frame for the skull, which is related to a museum in Mexico. Typically, these packages have a metal bar at the mouth wide support of the dinosaur. But James has designed your head, cantilevered over the three support bars are out of sight.

This allows the head to wiggle and move.

"It seems more alive than just their feet as one," said Barry James, a vertebrate paleontologist.

So what do you call a dinosaur's head wobbles when it launched?

"We call on Bob," said James in April.

Bob is unique in that he is 85 percent of the original. And all 40 teeth are more real. Orbits should be able to keep the eyeball, the size of softball.

As a human head, the skull of the dinosaur was jointly organized by the joints of the bones, covered by skin. Each piece has reached Sunbury wrapped in plaster by the crew to dig for protection.

It took three months, 10 hours a day, seven days a week, to lift his head.

"It takes much time and labor, and has incredible patience and scientific expertise," said James in April.

The dinosaur skull will be packed and sent to Mexico next week.

Now you Jameses in the Upper Augusta Township office to a big red barn, where also are working to restore the unique Triceratops - bone plate above the head of the famous Dino has two holes naturally, so it's lighter than animals 8-foot- long - and other creatures from around the world.

This is the same store where they worked on "Apollo", a Brontodipolocus 83 feet that was exposed to the Sunbury Armory, and the State Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg last year.

Fortunately, insurance dinosaur bones are covered by the organization for which you are restoring, April, James said.

"We are only temporary custodians," he said.

A couple came to Pennsylvania in Santa Barbara, California, in 1997, the family and friends. Hope Jameses' was to open a museum, where dinosaurs and other items of historical interest in Central Susquehanna Valley. Their goal was to use the museum again to revive the city.

He first encountered problems in finding affordable building in the city, and a slow response from the powers that be.

But their love for their adopted city continues.

In fact, the last in April James wrote a book "Journeys prehistoric dreams, nightmares and survival of an American family," which tells the couple's experience with federal authorities in Utah. There was James accused of stealing an Allosaurus fossil Earth in Utah in 1991.

Ultimately resolved the case, after a long process, which left them with questionable health and economic status.

The book is about the power and small town America, and the help received and Sunbury warmth and down the road to recovery.

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