T.rex To Explode

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This "explosion" is a skull of Tyrannosaurus exhibited in Tokyo. It's really a good idea, because I suspect that many people (of course) tend to think of the head as just a few bones - the skull and jaw, then of course there are many components and they are often naturally are a little more complicated than it appears from the outside with all the grooves and the parts that interconnect them together. So it gives a nice review of this issue with the parts arranged so that it is clearly a rex (and he got a few meters away), there is clearly something more complex to it.

Otherwise, the odd angle of this picture, because that was lying on the floor of a transparent walkway over it, so you can walk on it as if it were (as children seem to love), but the scratches do this "down" Photography impossible.

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