New Spiked Dinosaur fossils found

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Agadez region, Niger, September 15, 2009 - Researchers digging 43 feet long (13 meters in length), the skeleton of a new species of sauropod - or four-legged plant-eater - in an undated photo released this week. (Theme: ". Bizarre New Dinosaurs Found in Sahara")

The dinosaur 170 million years, known Spinophorosaurus nigerensis had a spiked tail bone that the animal probably swung the predator, the authors of the study in the September 16 issue of the journal PLoS One. To find such a complete skeleton is extremely rare sauropod and the new fossil could help scientists to reconstruct the early development of long-necked giants.

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Anonymous said...

Dinosaurs are actually dragons in the Bible around the times before Noahs Ark I believe and they aren't million years of age but only around probably 10,000 years old. Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth, and The Life, who saves.

Colette Scott said...

What's the concern how old dinosaurs are? They don't disprove Jesus. Infact that goes for how old the earth is and whether you like it or not it's very old. One can see at a glance that the continents were all joined.
God created all is millions of years ago and man is his new creation. So relax and know there are mysteries in life that won't be solved by us mere mortals. Creation did not start with man infact that's where God made a mistake creating man

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