Darren Tanke Preparation Gorgosaurus 2: The Jacket

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gorgosaurus block was mainly in the preparation laboratory, now the Royal Tyrrell Museum. The product code is TMP 2009.012.0014. Explain why the numbers as some people do not understand how it works. TMP = Tyrrell Museum. = 2009 years of collecting. = 012 sites, in this case, the total number of Dinosaur Provincial Park. 14 = fourteenth. Therefore, it is translated Gorgosaurus 14 samples collected from the Dinosaur Provincial Park, in 2009, the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

All catalog data was from the coating and a linen jacket of land that would be deleted, so I downloaded the data to the side of the jacket, the rewriting of a black magic marker. You do not want to lose this number! Sometimes, I will consult the catalog of recordings, if I make a model unknown to me. May have noticed something on the model manifold that I can not see, for example, how a particular area is poorly preserved and broken. Warned that I can be particularly careful when I dig in this area. But as co-collector of the model that I know all his little peculiarities, you could bypass this step.

Then I got ready to open his jacket. Cut the plaster a lot of dust, so I sprinkled some materials (sand and sawdust fat) on the ground to keep dust levels down and limited, so I was not following the plaster dust all over the museum later. I have a vacuum cleaner (essentially a giant vacuum cleaner that filters the air) ready to trap the dust created during cutting. I threw a cutter, a piece of medical equipment used to cut rolls of broken arms, etc. of this blade does not turn, but turned back about 5 degrees. As I had only two plaster / burlap layer on this side of the jacket (for easy transport helicopter), the rapidly melting cutter work, I cut the edges in about 10 minutes. I got some flat screwdriver, insert the blade of a cut and in fact I just started searching the jacket, move along, curious and stopped gradually. In 10 minutes the entire room jumped out.

Then I vacuumed the dust from the edge of the jacket and threw the piece of cork.

The rock was dry inside the jacket and gave way, producing deep cracks. It is a common occurrence. I mixed a bit of dental plaster for the link between milk and poured into the cracks until they are full. Gypsum adds stability to the brim and can be removed if necessary. More plaster can be added as I work my way down the rock. The cut we mix plaster is made of rubber, it is easy to clean, you can simply wait for the rest of plaster to harden so you can pinch bowl and all the plaster becomes available. Most of the stones showing the jacket is now clay. Can I withdraw without delay, because the test itself is inside the white sandstone below it.

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