Sunday, August 21, 2011

I started writing this post before I checked my photos and was rather dismayed to see that pretty much everything I took at the Dino Expo was out of focus. Whoops. I do have my own photos from the IVPP, but obviously I wanted to stick to the exhibit on the Musings. Obviously in this case that rather means that I’m limited to one rather less than exciting image of the postcranium.

In an effort to make this post marginally more readable / interesting, it’s perhaps worth adding a few lines about the nature of the bones here, and indeed a number of things from the Shishugou Formation. While you do tend to get whole articulated skeletons from this area (and for that we really must be grateful) the bones are often rather bashed up and look like they’ve been broken in situ but preserved in the correct aspect and orientation. It makes for an unusual combination of complete articulated specimens which are not always very nice in terms of preservation. But they do at least keep coming.

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