D-REX Bone-Shaped Controller

Friday, June 3, 2011

Right out of the box, this scaly pet D-REX feels more authentic than most other dinosaur toys on the market.

His rubbery, reptilian skin is loosely stretched to accommodate movement, and he has a slightly strange texture that is soft to the touch. While his oversized feet and a fun spiked collar balance his menacing teeth and his darting yellow eyes, he is still a little scary looking. Don't worry--you'll soon discover that he has a sense of humor and a soft spot for anyone willing to scratch the back of his head.

Before you start getting to know D-REX personally, you'll need to use a Phillips screwdriver to insert five "C" batteries in his tail and two "AAA" batteries in the bone-shaped controller. Once he's powered up, D-REX is ready to start showing off and responding to his surroundings. He'll roar, turn his head, and blink his eyes.

When you pet D-REX on the head, touch sensors let him respond with an appreciative roar. If he seems hungry, you can stick something in his mouth and he'll chomp away on it. And the bone-shaped controller lets you prompt five different types of behavior. Press "attack," and he'll launch forward while roaring. Press "prank," and he'll fart, burp, or roar.

In seek mode, he uses a noise sensor to locate you and walk towards you. Due to the room's background noise, we found that he had some difficulty with this task. But it was funny (and kind of cute) when he bumped into walls and backed away in surprise.

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