When Giants Walked the Earth

Friday, April 15, 2011

In the ancient world, all the animals were much larger, and that encompasses more than just dinosaurs. Scientists have speculated that the blue whale is the largest animal to ever exist on earth, and it still exists to this day. However, in the past, the mammals, reptiles, and even birds were much larger. It’s not known why ancient animals were so much larger, though many suspect that it was due to the relative temperature and humidity of the planet, as the polar ice caps did not exist. This caused reptiles like snakes to become much larger, which in turn, allowed other animals which fed on reptiles to have a larger source of food. As the earth started to cool down, it was the smaller and faster animals that started to be more successful, and the larger animals, not being able to catch their food, died out.

Everything we know about these prehistoric creatures has been gleaned from dinosaur fossils. And while we often think of dinosaurs as the larger animals in the food chain, but there were also large mammals as evidenced by locations like the La Brea tar pits. In the tar pits, ancient mammals of immense size were evidenced by the discovery of fossils like the dire wolf skull, saber tooth tiger skull, and mammoth skull.

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