Dinosaur hunter unearths nearly 50 new species in Britain's own Jurassic Park

Friday, April 29, 2011

Some 48 new prehistoric species have been unearthed by a British expert from Britain's own Jurassic Park, including dinosaurs similar to the deadly velociraptor and giant flying pterosaurs.

have long flocked to this country which is thought to be one of the top five in the world for concentrations of dinosaurs remains.

The high number is thought to be as a result of Britain's position as a land bridge between various continents more than 130 million years ago.

But even so the findings of Dr Steve Sweetman, of Portsmouth University, remain remarkable, especially as they have been achieved in less than four years.

Dr Sweetman's haul includes eight dinosaurs, six mammals and 15 different types of lizard all taken from cliffs of the Isle of Wight, which are part of what has been dubbed the Jurassic coast.

Highlights include the remains of a creature similar to a giant velociraptor - similar in size to those portrayed in the film Jurassic Park - and pterosaurs as well as long-necked Sauropods like the massive Brachiosaurus, also seen in the movie.

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