Dinosaur Egg Containing Embryo Goes On Display at Russian Museum

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A dinosaur egg is now on display at the Natural Science Museum of Buryatia in Ulan-UIde, 5,000 km east of Moscow, Russia. Scientists suspect that these eggs belonged Ornithopod dinosaur that lived 10Ornithopod dinosaur eggs0 million years ago.

Bryatia culture department officials said, “Eggs are relatively in good condition and may have very well preserved embryos, it was obvious difference with the other eggs from the color and shape.”

Ornithopod who have eggs is thought to live in what is now known as Mongolia. Mongolia region itself is now famous as a place of discovery of fossils of ancient animals are sometimes located adjacent to the egg.

Russia got it from a guy who happened to be Polish nationals through the Russian border in 2009. When passing the border, it is known that the Polish men in the vehicle there are relics of a prehistoric dinosaur eggs. Russian officer was then took it and handed it to the museum. The Polish man himself to get eggs from his friend. He just asked by an acquaintance who is also from Poland to bring a box containing personal items. He never guessed that the box is a precious relic.

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