The Week In Dead Animals

Friday, February 11, 2011

From birds dropping out of the sky, to marine life floating to the surface, mysterious animal deaths are becoming a global phenomenon.

Beebe, Ark. Dec. 31, 2010: Thousands of redwing blackbirds and at least one duck fall to Earth dead.

Arkansas Jan. 3, 2011: 100,000 dead drum fish found along the banks of the Arkansas River.

Point Coupee Parish, La. Jan. 4, 2011: 500 dead redwing blackbirds fall from the sky and are found scattered along a quarter-mile portion of highway.

Chesapeake Bay, Md. Jan. 5, 2011: "Cold-water stress" kills an estimated 2-million fish.

Sarnia, Ont. Jan. 4, 2011: Officials say hundreds of dead fish that washed up on shore in the north end of the St. Clair River were killed by temperature shock and such die-offs are not unusual.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: 100 tons of Sardines, Croaker and Catfish have washed ashore dead since Dec. 30, 2010.

Falkoeping, West Sweden, Jan. 5, 2011: 50 to 100 jackdaws, a type of crow, found dead in a snow-covered street.

Kent, England Jan. 5, 2011: 40,000 velvet swimming crabs (also known as devil crabs) wash up on the Kent coast after dying from hypothermia in freezing sea.

Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, Jan. 5, 2011: Hundreds of snapper fish, many of them missing eyes, wash up on local beaches.

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