Monday, January 24, 2011

General Information :
* Name: Futabasaurus suzukii
* Name Meaning: Futaba Lizard
* Diet: Piscivore
* Length: 7 meters
* Time Period: Late Cretaceous
* Classification: Elasmosauridae
* Place Found: Japan
* Describer: Sato, Hagesawa and Manabe, 2006

Dinosaur King Statistics

* Attribute: Water
* Appears In: Move Cards
* Sign: Scissors
* Owner: Ursula (Alpha Gang), Zoe Drake (D-Team)
* Name: Futaba
* Dinosaurs Defeated: Ace, Tank, Spiny
* Other: Futabasaurus was found by the Alpha Gang, using him to attack the D-Team, but was injured by Tank and disappeared. Zoe found and healed him with Nature's Blessing; because of that, Futaba befriended her. Later, Ursula got him back thanks to Tank, who broke a rock over Zoe, forcing her to drop the card. However, he remembers her after Nature's Blessing was used, and defeated Tank and Spiny. Futaba is later used to fight Ophthalmosaurus. Futaba is last seen in the finale, swimming in the ocean alongside Ophthalmosaurus and Deltadromeus.

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