Dinosaur Footprints

Monday, January 31, 2011

Dinosaur Valley State Park in the small town of Glen Rose. Sited about a 100 miles from Dallas this is a really small town, with even smaller population (2,400). But this small population doesn’t have anything to complain, there are fancy shopping centers, fuel stations, super markets, a police station and even a court house. I don’t know whether to call it well administered or whether there are too many crimes and litigations. Anyway that is not the reason why I liked Glen Rose.

I liked it because of its proximity to the lush green and calm Dinosaur Valley State Park, through which the river Paluxy flows. Unlike most of Texas this place is hilly and has lot of small and large wooded and rocky cliffs and vast acres of forests. Wading across the river which has fossilized footprints of Dinosaurs is a great experience. One has to be careful though, the moss and algae on river beds could be quite slippery. Now I am going to stop talking and let the pictures tell you the story of Glen Rose.

Source from : http://passengerview.wordpress.com

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