Tyrannosaurus rex tail built for speed

Monday, November 22, 2010

Based on the new study of the muscular tail of Tyrannosaurus rex's, it was found that t-rex was one of the world's fastest moving hunters. Its long tail didn't just serve to counterbalance the up-front weight of the carnivore's large head. Paleontologists previously suspected that it was the tail's primary function.

The new research led by the University of Alberta researcher Scott Persons reveals that T.rex's powerful tail muscles helped to give this dinosaur super speed.

This conclusion was given after comparing the tails of modern-day reptiles, like crocodiles and Komodo dragons with T.rex's tail. He also founded that the biggest muscles in the tail are attached to the upper leg bones for all these animals. These caudofemoralis muscles provide the power stroke allowing fast forward movement.

Source: http://news.discovery.com/

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