Longest dinosaur thigh bone found in Europe

Monday, November 29, 2010

longest dinosaur bone

The Dinopolis Foundation, a dinosaur research institute said that a 1.92-metre dinosaur bone was found earlier this year at Riodeva near Teruel in eastern Spain along with a 1.25-metre tibia and 15 vertebrae. This bone is believed to belong to a giant long-necked dinosaur, the Turiasaurus Riodevensis weighing more than 40 tonnes and measuring 30 metres which was first discovered in 2004.

The new fossils which were discovered in addition to those obtained from 2004, should allow the foundation to construct a skeleton of the animal, which lived some 145 million years ago.

The announcement comes two weeks after palaeontologists revealed the discovery in the same region of a new type of dinosaur with a hump that they believe is the forerunner of flesh-eating leviathans which once ruled the planet.

This fossil was uncovered in the Las Hoyas formation in central Spain's Cuenca province, a treasure trove of finds that date to the Lower Cretaceous period of between 120 and 150 million years ago.

Source: http://www.physorg.com/

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