Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thelodus is an extinct genus of primitive jawless fish that lived in the Silurian period. Fossils have been found worldwide

Thelodus belonged to the Thelodonti, small jawless fishes, related to the heterostracans (an extinct jawless fish with the anterior part of its body covered with bony plates; these fishes exist mostly in the Silurian and Devonian period.), though they did not have head shields, only the tiny bony scales covered their bodies.

The mouth of this thelodontid was on the underside of its flattened head, which makes us clear that it fed on the seabed. It was also a good swimmer.

The lower lobe of the tail was elongated and fins were there for stability. A dorsal fin and an anal fin were there at the rear and a paired pectoral fins were present at the front.Thelodus was more agile than its contemporaries, who were encased in thick bony armour.

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