Anatosaurus Dinosaur

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anatosaurus (meaning duck lizard) is a chronological hadrosaurid dinosaur genus. However, "Anatosaurus Dinosaur" has been establish to be a junior synonym of Edmontosaurus and is now an invalid name.

George F. Sternberg made his most important dinosaur discovery in 1908: he was the first person to find an impression of dinosaur skin, which belonged to Anatosaurus. Sternberg made many other amazing discoveries, including the first fossil of Edmontosaurus. Some specimens, such as the well-known mount in the New York American Museum of Natural History, vary from Edmontosaurus and have been placed in the new genus Anatotitan. As a common name, anatosaurus can refer to any dinosaur in the genera Anatotitan and Edmontosaurus. Type species: A. annectens (Marsh, 1892) (originally Claosaurus), now Edmontosaurus annectens

Other species:
A. copei Lull & Wright, 1942, now Anatotitan copei
A. edmontonensis (Gilmore, 1922) (originally Edmontosaurus), now E. annectens

A. longiceps Marsh, 1890 [nomen dubium], now Anatotitan longiceps
A. saskatchewanensis (C. M. Sternberg, 1926) (originally Thespesius), now Edmontosaurus saskatchewanensis.

Anatosaurus facts:
Name: Anatosaurus (duck lizard)
Size: 43ft long and 13ft tall
Main Facts: Anatosaurus was a slow-moving dinosaur

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