Sunday, September 26, 2010

A fully grown velociraptor might look something like this if he was in your garden. He survived on small herbivorous dinosaurs and mammals, and may well have enjoyed a human or two for lunch, if we had been around then.

Living in the late Cretaceous Period from 66.4 to 97.5 million years ago, the Velociraptor was from the dromaeosaur family. He had a sickle like claw on each foot. He would use one of these claws to strike at his prey, slashing it's skin with each strike, whilst balancing himself with his extremely strong tail.

He probably fed on small herbivores (plant eating animals), since he is well built for chasing and killing smaller creatures. He was only about 1.8 metres from nose to tail and only weighed 40-50kg.

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