Dinosaurs Extinction Due To Multiple Meteor Showers!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dinosaurs became extinct due to a range of long lasting meteor showers rather than one single meteor strike. A new scientific study shows that the reptiles who ruled our world were wiped off the surface of Earth about 65 millions years ago by sporadic meteor showers which lasted thousands of years!

However there are evidences of a second impact in Ukraine which dates back to many thousands years before the estimated impact of the meteor at Chicxulub. The Boltysh Crater in Ukraine was discovered in 2002 and another cavity which most probably happened after the Chicxulub impact, was found.

These discoveries indicates that there were much more meteor impacts that just one giant one. Analysis of the two Boltysh impacts shows that the meteors impacts took place 1000s of years apart. “We interpret this second layer as the aftermath of the Chicxulub impact. It is quite possible that in the future we will find evidence for more impact events” said Professor Simon Kelley.

In brief, our theory of one single meteor impact which eliminated all prehistoric life is wrong. Instead, the dinosaurs were eliminated over thousands of years as many distinct meteor showers hit Earth.

Source From Great Site : http://www.islandcrisis.net

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