Dinosaur excavations underway on the North Slope

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scientists have successfully built a tunnel into the abundant fossil dinosaur deposits along the Colville River on the North Slope and are taking out their first samples now.

* Luck & Persistence — autobiographical piece by scientist Thomas Rich
* Dinosaurs of the Antarctic — article from Scientific American, 2004
* The Dinosaurs of Arctic Alaska — article from Scientific American, 2004
* E-mail to APRN from Tom Rich, explaining how dinosaur tunneling was done on the North Slope and why collecting dinosaurs in polar Alaska was important to his research in Australia
* Museum Victoria (Australia)

Steve Heimel, APRN – Anchorage

UPDATE: This article originally included a photo that suggested it was of scientist Thomas Rich digging on the North Slope. The photo was actually of another scientist, Dr. Anthony R. Fiorillo, who was not involved in the Colville River project. Thanks go to Paul McCarthy at the University of Alaska for catching the error and correcting us on it.

Source from great site:http://aprn.org


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