The puppeteers who play with dinosaurs

Thursday, August 12, 2010

While other 10-year-old boys wanted to be baseball players or firefighters when they grew up, Frankie Cordero was always sure of what he wanted to be: a puppeteer.

Cordero, 28, a Logan Square native who now controls a big beast in "Walking With Dinosaurs — The Arena Spectacular," always loved puppets but didn't realize right away that they could be part of a career.

"When I was younger," Cordero said, "I would play with puppets, and I never thought about it as practicing, but that's really what it ended up being."

Cordero's love of puppetry came from watching "The Muppet Show" and "Sesame Street" and from going to puppet theaters such as Anim Art and Hystopolis.

"The guys that ran Anim Art found out I was interested in puppetry," Cordero said, "and they told me to join the Chicagoland Puppetry Guild, which I did when I was 8. On the weekends, I would come by and watch them make their puppets and learn what it took to run a theater."

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